Go Green by Buying Wood

Go Green by Buying Wood

According to their findings, the scientists estimate that U.S. forests and other terrestrial components absorb from one-third to two-thirds of a billion tons of carbon each year.
National Geographic

The concept of carbon sinks is based on the natural ability of trees, other plants and the soil to soak up carbon dioxide and temporarily store the carbon in wood, roots, leaves and the soil.

More Info on Benefits of Buying Cedar Wood Products

Cedar Vs. Competition
See how cedar compares to cement, vinyl siding, composite and plastic decking

Cedar is beautiful and holds preservative, aromatic and insulating properties. Learn about the history of this wood

Natural Characteristics
Cedar is dimensionaly stable, durable, workable, contains natural preservatives, and exceeds fire regulations
Review information on the benefits of wood, energy efficiency, biodiversity, and reforestation and deforestation practices

Certification Systems
Find out about ISO, CSA, SFI and FSC forestry certification in the US and Canada

Sustainability Practices
Find out how British Columbia’s laws ensure sustainability in their forests